¡Bienvenidos a Nuevo Mexico! - Welcome to New Mexico!  


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Winter in Santa Fe

Acoma Pueblo

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Santa Fe

VLA near Magdalena

White Sands National Monument

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A Gathering of Nations - Pow Wow Dancer

A Gathering of Nations - Pow Wow Dancer

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New Mexico is ...

Placid Rio Grandea land of contrasts. New Mexico is more serenely beautiful than other Western states. New Mexico has high snow-covered mountains, dry plateaus, pine forests, aspen forests, majestic canyons, and high deserts. We have culture, history, as well as a cosmopolitan way of life. Wildlife is plentiful. The climate is delightful, and we are still uncrowded. New Mexixo is still an "undiscovered jewel" in the west.

Chaco Canyon at SunsetIt is not a land of "national parks" such as Arizona or Utah. It doesn't have one spectacular spot like the Grand Canyon. You might have to spend an entire year in this vast state to delight all of your senses. Artists and photographers have been attracted to New Mexico for decades just to capture those magic moments seen in postcards and calendars. We have just started to experience and savor the beauty and the many surprises that New Mexico offers.

Taos ChurchThere are three cultures co-existing in New Mexico. The Indians who created interesting pueblos. The Spanish who built some impressive churches. The Anglos ... well, who continue to build contemporary structures that can best be described as "out-of-place."

An Approaching Storm near MagdalenaCome, let us show you what we have discovered so far. We will highlight those areas that continue to be of interest to us. We will offer recommendations and other web links to widen your exposure to our wonderful state, in case you ever choose to come and visit us. 

What should you know ...

about New Mexico can best be learned by taking the following quiz. You may be forgiven for not knowing the answers, but by learning the facts you will gain a better understanding of "what is New Mexico."

The best place to start ...

Get Visitors Guidediscovering New Mexico is to explore the many sources of information about this "Land of Enchantment." We recommend that you procure a copy of the "Visitors Guide to New Mexico." Request your FREE copy by going on-line. 

Then, read a little ...

New Mexico Magazine On-Lineabout New Mexico by browsing the New Mexico Magazine on-line. Timely, inspiring, full of wonderful stories and picture tours. The magazine covers a wide spectrum of topics from historical to contemporary, amusing to nostalgic, cultural to festive. Every corner of the state is touched. You may even want to get your own copy.  

Explore our ...

Cultural Treasures ... The New Mexico Database of Cultural Holdings (Museums, Parks, and Monuments). New Mexico Office of Cultural AffairsDiscover the many sides to our Multi-National and Native-American cultures and why even "desert dwellers" enjoy the arts, music, and other spiritual and cultural activities.  

New Mexico Outdoor Living ...

New Mexico Parks The State Parks in New Mexico are renowned for their variety. Learn what the natives of the state have known for a long time, our state parks and outdoor activities are among the finest in the country.  

The World Famous ...

The Albuquerque Balloon Festival Albuquerque Balloon Festival draws participants and visitors from across the globe. Held annually in October, this balloon regatta is known for its color, pageantry, and festivities.  

We have touched ...

only a miniscule portion of the diversity of cultures and a variety of activities in New Mexico. One only has to cross the state-line into this "land of enchantment" to realize that one has crossed into another dimension ... one full of surprises around evry bend in the road. Come, let us "enchant you!"  

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