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July 7, 2011
What is a "Lechia"

Corporation Lechia We trust you would find these two attached articles worth reading.

At times, there occurs an event so exceptional that it re-directs a person's attention so that the initial query is soon forgotten. We experienced such a diversion recently and that digression led us into a new area of discovery, or perhaps best said, as a new awareness of our Polish heritage. It is often stated that “when growth stops, decay begins”. In our quest to grow both intellectually and spiritually in all aspect of our Polish legacy, we could not ignore nor dismiss that digression and, as a result, learned a heretofore unknown (to us) historical lesson.

The two articles are solely in English, a Polish translation was too complex for us at this time. Part 1, however, does have two links that provide a Polish source for the contents. Part 2 is multi-sourced and its translation is too cumbersome.

To download without opening in Adobe Reader ... right-click item, then "Save Link as ..."

Article is in the process of being revised and will be re-posted early in 2014. Your patience is appreciated.
July 4, 2011
A Little Bit of Polish History - Nowa Sól (Eng: New Salt, Ger: Neusalz) Powiat

Nowa Sól County Since our return in 2009 from meeting our cousins and exploring theirs and nearby communities in Poland,and subsequently posting our travel experiences on our family web site, we have been continually barraged with numerous questions about this region. Because of its regional significance and storied history, family,friends and web site visitors persisted in learning from us more details, details that gave a deeper insight into the area's medieval history and its progression through the following centuries. Of particular interest was learning specifics of the recent past, at least from the beginning of the 19th century to the end of the Second World War, with particular emphasis on the German influences that shaped this region.

In each and every instance, we made a conscious attempt to answer each query with a brief summary that we hoped would do justice to the probing. However, over time, this became tedious and laborious as we had to literally repeat ourselves. As such, we opted to devote time to compiling a condensed historic summary of what we could learn about this region and record our research into a number of documents that would be available to answer inquiries.

This process began in early 2010, and over the past 12 months we probed, authenticated, and consolidated our findings (principally translating our research from Polish to English) and finally combining it with our 2009 visitation to produce what we believe is an adequate perspective of the region and towns that are the nucleus of this area.

The summaries that we produced deal principally with:

To download without opening in Adobe Reader ... right-click item, then "Save Link as ..."

Historic backgrounds combined with archival photos next to our 2009 imagery for comparison should appeal to a reader bent on acquiring some chronicles of a region with strong links to the past. For an inquiring mind,it should make for a compelling read.Article is divided into four parts with each part being send separately. Any feedback is deeply appreciated. Article is entirely in English with some notations in Polish as a reference.

June 19,2011
Travel to America, 1939 - 1949, an oral history

Rozylowicz Blazon of Arms What we are offering is a product of nearly two years of thought and reflection ... an oral history of our journey from Poland to America, by way of many intermediate stops.

Two brothers had many conversations over a 2-year span discussing the various elements of their journey and how the circumstances of that travel pretty much shaped their destinies.

Sometime back, one of the brothers wrote a short 2-page synopsis of his recollections of that journey from Camp Wildflecken to Chicago ... as a kind of refresher for their own benefit. The more this summation was read, the more they realized that many details were lacking; details that should give a deeper insight into what the family really experienced during those years.

The result of a subsequent conversations is summed in a document which we hope serves as an oral history of our family during those troublesome years. If you, the reader, wish to read this work of historic (to the family) importance, please write to the webmaster, state your reasons for wishing a copy of this article, and, if appropriate reasons are submitted, the article will be forwarded to you.

Key words that are incorporated into this article are:

  • Zimna Woda, Poland
  • Lwow, Poland
  • Katowice, Poland
  • Tirschnitz, Czechoslovakia
  • Eger, Czechoslovakia
  • Camp Wildflecken, Germany
  • Bremerhaven, Germany
  • Luling, Louisiana
  • Chicago, Illinois
Please write ... contact us
September 10,2009
Monument to a German Colony in Ukraine

An e-mail sent to family members announcing a just-completed project of importance:

'MonumentTo all Rozylowicz's in North America ... Each of you should know that every one of us in North America is descended, on the maternal side, from the Lautsch line.

Whether it be my mother Gisela, my grandfather George, g-g-father John, g-g-g-father Simon, and the original traceable ancestor g-g-g-g-father Blasius ... all of these Lautches are indelibly part of our family tree.

Long gone and virtually forgotten by everyone. Except by me ... for I hold my heritage sacred and, by virtue of my genealogical family tracings, honor and cherish them all.

I doubt that anyone in our family knows of the project I have been involved in over the past 7 years. As a principal and founding partner in a particular project, I have taken the path to honor my Lautsch ancestors and particularly my German ethnicity.

German? Well, frankly yes ... my Germanic roots. I consider myself Polish by virtue of being born in Poland, but my (our) heritage is German (on mother's side) and Austro-Hungarian (on father's side.) Anyone who has accessed our genealogy pages must be aware of this fact.

Our German roots are traceable to the original German Colony in Galicia (present day Ukraine) formed in the late 1780s. Our ancestors are directly traceable to a small village that was called Munchenthal, until that region was ceded to Poland when it was renamed Muzylowice, and then called Muzhylovychi when this region was made part of Ukraine after WWII.

So what does this mean in the long run? Well, this small village had a German Roman Catholic cemetery that has been long abandoned and forgotten. This cemetery, by all accounts, is the final resting place of many of our ancestors.

This then was the project into which I devoted 7 years ... time, energy, and finacial backing. To restore, as much as practical, those hallowed grounds, to a condition worthy of our respect for the departed. But above all, to erect some type of a memorial, a monument, in honor of those German Colonists ... including our own Lautsch branch.

I would recommend ... actually make a request ... that each of you pay a visit to this cemetery and see what has been our effort in restoring this cemetery, the monument we created and erected and how we, the North American Rozylowicz family, honor our German roots.

I have posted everything that needs to be said (and seen) about this cemetery on our family web site. At best, it should take no more than 15 minutes to understand this project and its results.

Please visit ... Memorial to a German Colony.
November 3, 2001
Las Cruces Renaissance Faire

The 30th Annual Las Cruces Renaissance Faire ... sights, sounds, food and entertainment, in the middle of the desert? Why not!
Site Gallery - The Faire
At the Faire ... At the Faire ... At the Faire ...
At the Faire ... At the Faire ... At the Faire ...
At the Faire ... At the Faire ... At the Faire ...
At the Faire ... At the Faire ... At the Faire ...
At the Faire ... At the Faire ... At the Faire ...
At the Faire ... At the Faire ... At the Faire ...
At the Faire ... At the Faire ... At the Faire ...
February 28, 2001
An addition to the Bazdor Family

Mother and baby Baby Logan The family grew by one..

Susan and Jimmy Bazdor celebrated the birth of their second child, a boy,
Logan Edward Bazdor.

Baby Logan came into this world on Wednesday, February 28, 2001, weighing 9 lbs, 2 ozs. and measuring 21.5 inches. At last report mother and child were doing well.

Congratulations to the Bazdor family.  

February 15, 2001
The Szymanowskis Paid A Visit

Dee and Janet .. a happy reunionThe visitors ...What a nice surprise!

Janet and Ed Szymanowski, on their odyssey through the Southwest, paid a surprise visit to Las Cruces.

All it took was one phone call to Dolores and the smiles and giggling started.  

Even on such short notice, Janet and Ed were shown the customary Southwestern hospitality. Putting aside our chores, both were welcomed to our casa, briefly shown the Mesilla Valley, toured Stahman's and the gift shops of Mesilla. A dinner at la Posta rounded out the much-too-short day.

This visit was most appreciated by Dolores as she delighted in the reminiscing of long-ago days and the renewing of old, but treasured, frienships.  

January 27, 2001
The World's Record Enchilada

Roberto Estrada prepares an enchilada - drastically smaller than the one that earned him a spot with Guiness World Records for the largestIt's official.

Las Cruces' Roberto Estrada holds the record for the largest three-layered, flat enchilada in the world. The London-based Guinness World Records bestowed this distinction.

The whopper, 33.89 feet in circumference and 10 feet, 5 inches in diameter, was constructed at the Whole Enchilada Fiesta on October 8, 2000.

Source: Las Cruces Sun-News, Martha Dooley, Photo by Norm Dettlaff.  

January 14, 2001
The 2001 Las Cruces Baloon Fest

Touchdown and re-launch The mass launch After a one day delay due to inclement weather (high winds), the mass launching took place at 8AM Sunday.  

The chase team assists (near Picacho Hills Dr.) This spectacular display was viewed across the entire Mesilla Valley.

Our patio was a "front row seat".  

December 24, 2000
A Las Cruces Xmas Eve

Mesilla Plaza Luminaria EveningOur second Christmas Eve in Las Cruces ... the sights, the sounds, the celebrations. The Village of Mesilla is lit up with thousands of luminarias ... the Mesilla Plaza is resplendent in candle glow.

Caroling, well wishing, meeting new and interesting people ... the spirit of Christmas was everywhere.Midnight Mass at Holy Cross

Midnight Mass at Holy Cross ... joyous singing, celebrating the birth of Christ child ... understanding the real meaning of the day. Thanking for the gift of moving to New Mexico.

December 22, 2000
A Parish Celebration

Father Ibarra delivering his messageFather Manuel Fidel Ibarra, the Parochial Vicar of our Holy Cross (Catholic) parish here in Las Cruces, NM, celebrated the 2nd anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood.

An evening Mass was held in honor of the celebration. It was presided by Father Ibarra, Bishop Ricardo Ramirez of the Diocese of Las Cruces, Rt. Rev. Msgr. John Anderson, Holy Cross Pastor and father Mark Gazin of the Newman Center.

Over 100 parishoners attended this Mass and joined in the celebration. A festive reception was held after the service and allowed Father Ibarra to be the recipient of numerous well-wishes.

Available for viewing, a montage of the evening Mass.  View this montage ...  This is a PDF document (208Kb)

You may visit the Holy Cross Parish on http://www.holycrossparish.org

December, 2000
A Family Fun Award

Featured FamilyThe author of the Family PC Fun Sunday comic strip has selected our site, The Rozylowicz Family, as a "Featured Family" for their January 14, 2001 issue of the strip.

Our site will be in the comic section that day as well as online that week. Afterwards, our site will be a permanent part of the strip's online archive.

This strip has a limited national printed exposure but you'll be able to see it on-line at the strip's web site. We look forward to its premiere.

You may visit the Family PC Fun on http://www.FamilyPCFun.com

November, 2000
And The Old Shall Be Young Again

Mother Helen with Dolores ... going to lunchMother Helen is doing well here in Las Cruces. In spite of her reluctance to transplant herself to an outpost in the desert, she has acclimated herself to the Northrise Assisted Living complex reasonably well.

That's not to say that she has stopped complaining ... maybe we don't listen ... but she's in "in the flow".

She has written a "Newsletter" to all of her friends and you may read it.

Helen the Cat-WomanFor those of you who think that "assisted living" is just sitting around and listening to your arteries get hard ... hold on a second. Not so ... at least not in her case. True, she may not go tap-dancing but she has been known to put on a good show when the time is right.

For example, did you know that Batman considered using her as the "Cat-Woman" in the last film. True! The picture on the right shows what she looked like ready for her audition (thanks to Dolores). But ... she backed out at the last moment ... seems that naptimes are not allowed during filming. Pity.

November, 2000
Mariachi Conference 2000

For the seventh consecutive year, the Catholic Archdiocese of Las Cruces sponsored a week-long mariachi conference ... one that brings talented mariachi performers to Las Cruces. Besides the usual array of seminars and workshops ... teaching young performers the art of the mariachi ... the conference ends in two spectacular events.

Mariachi Conference 2000On Saturday November 11, a grand Mariachi Concert was held at the Pan-American Center. Performers included three renowned mariachi bands (including one all-woman), three folklorico dance tropes and a 400-member mariachi band composed of the young workshop participants. The evening was topped off by the renowned Miss Vicki Carr,a well-known Latin artist. A three-hour performance that left those in attendance breathless and exhausted.

The conference concluded with a packed Mariachi Mass at the Pan-Am Center, presided over by Bishop Ricardo Ramirez. If you've never attended a Mass that included mariachi bands, Mescalero Apache Drummers, ballet folklorico, native dress and pomp ... come to Las Cruces next year. You will not be disappointed.

October, 2000
The "Chile" Story - How HOT is HOT

How HOT is HOT? Big, small, sleek or gnarled, the look of peppers vary as much as their pungency, which is measured in Scoville Heat Units.

Find out for yourself ... how HOT is HOT?

Visit our special page devoted to grading the "heat index" of this most popular vegetable - the official vegetable of New Mexico.


November, 2000
Sam Mangwana Concert

Sam Mangwana Only in Las Cruces. The New Mexico State University (NMSU) Music Department sponsors a series of cultural concerts throughout the year. These concerts feature artists of exceptional renown ... such as African born and raised Sam Mangwana.

Sam has helped create new musical forms such as the Congolese rumba and other fusions of African, Latin, Brazilian and Caribbean music. The concert we attended was performed mostly in Portuguese and Lingala (a Congolese language). Although the lyrics were unintelligible to us, the rhythms, the sweet and mellodic ballads and melodies were beautifully performed by the troupe. It was a toe-tapping, extraordinary concert that could only be performed at a place like Las Cruces. Thank you NMSU.
(Visit the artist at www.putumayo.com)

October, 2000
The Whole Enchilada Fiesta

The Whole Enchilada Fiesta The Whole Enchilada Fiesta is a three-day celebration of southern New Mexico’s traditions, people and great food. The celebration is centered on the making of the largest enchilada around. Chef and founder of the Fiesta, Robert V. Estrada, combines southwest ingredients to make the crowd-pleasing enchiladas.

For almost 20 years, the three-day fiesta has been attracting community members and business people. The event showcases the area’s finest artists, businesses, organizations and services. Community members are able to interact and enjoy New Mexico in a fun and exciting environment.

The festival attracts more than 70,000 visitors and has the third largest attendance of any annual regularly scheduled event in New Mexico.

( Visit the The Whole Enchilada Fiesta 2000 )

October, 2000
A Cause That Should Be Supported

Munchenthal Church (original state) For those of the Rozylowicz lineage who are effectively "kin" by association with these near-Lemberg (L'vov) colonies such as Grodek Jagiellonski and Zimna Woda, I have uncovered a cause that I believe should be supported.

On the right is the original Munchental church as it existed early in the 20th century.

Brings back fond memories of our own church in Grodek Jagiellonski.

This Roman Catholic church in Muenchenthal is in a state of near ruin (below), and a colleague who is supporting my search for the Lautsch ancestors in this region has a dream to see it restored.

Munchenthal Church (disrepair)According to him, and he has visited that region numerously, the cemetery is just a patch of overgrown ground with a couple of broken tombstones still visible.

There are not enough Roman Catholics in the area to justify a parish, but a restored church building could serve as a museum and archive dedicated to the Germans (Lautschs' among them) of this vicinity and a focal point for descendants to return "home".

A lesser project is to clear and fence the cemetery and erect a memorial to all those who are buried there. This memorial could include the names of all those taken from the parish death registers which are complete, if scattered between various archives in Poland and Ukraine.

If you are even mildly interested in this project, one that Dolores and I will support financially, you may contact me for additional information.
[ All images © 2000 Brian Lenius ]

October, 2000
A Gift from Illinois

Harriet's Zia Moving to the Southwest is, and continues to be, an exciting experience for us. We never tire of saying to our friends back in Illinois how we are assimilating to the New Mexican lifestyle and are embracing the local culture.

Harriet Russell, a dear former neighbor in Sleepy Hollow, a lady of grace and a charming smile, offered to create for us, in clay, a gift of friendship that would represent our new home.

We discussed the various shapes and forms that are indicative of the Southwest and left it up to her creativity and imagination.

That gift arrived in October, 2000.

What a wonderful and most surprising gift ... a symbol that truly represents the New Mexico home we chose ... the Zia symbol.

Harriet writes, in part, "...well, here it is - your zia symbol. I told you it was slow. I hope you like it. It was a new experience in clay for me. I measured everything to get the proportions right. It was fun to do."

Harriet ... we thank you for your gift of time, creativity, and generosity. It is hung in a place of distinction ... a place that meets the eye many times daily. Everytime we glance at it, it reminds us of Sleepy Hollow and a lady we call ... a friend. Thank you Harriet. [ hung where? ]

July, 2000
A JOY-ful visit ...

The Sharp Family The Sharp family (Chuck, Joy, Julie) of Darien, Illinois paid a surprise visit on the 19th. On their way to the many wonders of the Southwest, a day stopover in Las Cruces was arranged.

Dolores and Joy had a wonderful reunion. Many long hugs were observed. A reunion of sorts

The evening of the visit, before dining out, was spent reminiscing about the "good ol' days" (last year) in Illinois, but was spent primarily in observing and marveling at the biblical scourge that has befallen on Las Cruces.

No one was more amazed that us when the Sphinx Moth decided to come out of hibernation and "swarm" our home. Was our newly planted landscaping in trouble? [ story ]
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May, 2000
Goodbye buddy ...

Brandy Brandy, our companion feline for nearly twenty years, passed away on Memorial Day. We'll miss you buddy.

You were, at times, a nuisance, a responsibility, a mischievious cat ... but, on balance, you were a part of this family. You moved with us from Villa Park to Sleepy Hollow to Las Cruces. You did not like the changes, but like us, you learned to adapt and relished in your new surroundings. You never did acquire a taste for salsa, but you did love those crunchy taco chips.

Thanks for the memories Brandy ... you cannot be replaced.


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