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Date of visit:
September 22, 2002

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 Location of Holloman Air Show 2000 ...

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 Very popular
 30,000 attendance
 Free entry
 Bring sunglasses
 Bring sunblock SPF30
 Bring camera
 View aircraft close-up
 Tour inside planes
 Great air displays
 Tora, Tora, Tora
 Vintage WWII planes
 Stealth bombers
 Fighter planes
 A-10 Tank Killer


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This site and this particular page is not connected to, nor does it endorse or promote, the Holloman AFB, NM Airshow. The contents of this page, including all aircraft images, are the personal recollections of one visitor's attendance at the Holloman 2002 Airshow. If you have reached this page searching for information on the Holloman 2002 Airshow, please click on the image below and you will be redirected to the official site.

Holloman 2002 Airshow

To our visitors ...

The Holloman 2002 Airshow is similar in its format and presentation to the Holloman 2000 Airshow. Because of the show similarities, this page will incorporate very few images from the 2002 show. If you would like to see a more comprehensive coverage of the military aircraft as well as static and aerial displays and presentations, we encourage you to follow the following link to the Holloman 2000 Airshow.

Holloman Air Show 2002
Wings of Freedom
Theme of Air Show 2002
The theme of the 2002 show is the reaffirmation of the role that the United States Air Force commands in the preservation of freedom and the American way of life.
The past year has been a challenging one for our nation and the USAF is working hard to rebuild it into a stronger, safer place for its citizens. During this period, Holloman has played a key role in these missions by sending many of it's airmen out to support the war on terrorism. Our nations's support of its military has reached new heights in this past year. The pride our military members take in the job they do has mirrored that support. Team Holloman is proud to sponsor the 2002 exhibition ... Wings of Freedom Air Show.
Site Gallery - Aerial Displays
Wings of Blue Flag Jump Trojan Phlyer T-28s
Pitts S2C F-15 Tim Weber Extra 300
Thunderbirds Thunderbirds Thunderbirds
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