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September 22, 2000

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 Close to Las Cruces
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 Tons of missiles
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Missile Park at White Sands Missile Range
Welcome to Missile ParkThe mission of the White Sands Missile Range Museum is to collect, curate and exhibit the historical artifacts and other material culture items necessary to interpret the prehistoric, historic and modern occupation and use of the lands occupied by, or in some cases adjacent to, the current 3200 square mile installation.

White Sands Missile Range LogoPrimary attention will be devoted to educating military personnel in particular, and the region's civilian population in general, on the Army's 19th century Indian War campaigns in the Tularosa Basin; the Trinity Site Test; and the rocket, missile and other weapons development projects carried on at White Sands after World War II and during the ensuing Cold War period. More recent test and evaluation activities will be addressed as appropriate.

White Sands Missile Range Museum LogoOutside the museum is a missile park displaying a variety of missiles and rockets tested at White Sands. These include everything from the WAC Corporal and Loon (U.S. version of the V-1) to a Pershing II and Patriot. More than 50 items are on display. To view some of the missiles and rockets in the missile park see the Gallery below.

For more detailed information on the missiles, their deployment, size, range, fuel, etc. use the links at the bottom of the page.

Site Gallery - WSMR Missile Park
Aerobee170 Aerobee Hi Athena
Copperhead Crossbow Dart
Falcon Fatman (Nuclear Bomb Casing) Genie
Honest John Hound Dog Lacrosse
Lance Lark Loki
Loon M198 Howitzer Mace
MLRS Nike Ajax Nike Hercules
Patriot Pershing Pershing1
Pogo HI PR76 QX4 Drone
Redstone Roland Sagmi
Sergeant Shavetail Shillelagh
SRAM SS11 Tartar
Terrier UH1M VC6A von Braun's

To view detailed missile specifications, click on the link below
Missile Park
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White Sands Missile Range Museum

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