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 Statewide effort
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 Each pony is different
 Themes are varied
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Creating the Event
It began in the fall of 2001 when a call went out to the artistic community around the state. Drawing on the popularity of animal art projects elsewhere, it was announced that new Mexico would host its own version. The critter featured was the horse because of the role it has played in the development of the cultures in our state. Painters, sculptors and graphic designers were encouraged to submit drawings with designs and themes that expressed whimsy, elegance and a respect for the region’s heritage.

The basic pony ...A major sculptor was commissioned to create just one design so every artist came out of the same starting gate, and crossed a different finish line.

Corporations, small businesses, individuals and organizations interested in sponsorship were asked to select their favorite artist and design from the hundreds of entries. Chosen artists were given “naked” horses weighing 130 pounds and standing 5’ x 7˝’ to paint. The results range from the delightful to the breathtaking.

A New Breed of Horse
¨Power Pony¨ by John Niero and ¨When We Were One¨ by YellowmanEach horse appears to be its own individual breed. Some wear outrageous trappings. Several have been cut apart and reassembled. One is adorned with more than 950,000 seed beads, and has been nominated for the Guinness Book of World Records.

¨War Pony¨ by Rance HoodSurprisingly, distinct herds have taken shape.

There is the Native American Herd, inspired by the meaning of the horse to different tribes. A New West Herd, showcasing showcasing modern interpretations of traditional cowboy themes. A Contemporary Art Herd, featuring artworks by abstract painters and sculptors.

A herd depicting our state’s cultural and historic connection with Spain. And others that seem to have been dropped into the desert landscape by a madcap circus.

Site Gallery - Trail of the painted Ponies
The images in this gallery are represenative of the herd.
Extracted from the "Trail of the Painted Ponies" brochure.
All Rights Reserved by the individual artists.
Photographs by: Eduardo Fuss and Marv Shockley
¨Fishback Rider¨ by Patrick Coffaro ¨Special Gift Horse¨ by Kay Brubaker ¨Blue Sky Horse¨ by Jim Alford
¨Spirit Pony¨ by Tavlos ¨Cowpony¨ by Lori Musil ¨Anasazi Spirit Horse¨ by Robert Rivera
¨Jeremy the Fish Horse¨ by Arlene Hayes ¨Five Card Stud¨ by Gerri Mattson ¨Desert Dream Horse¨ by Ellen Alexander

Site Gallery - Our "Walk Down the Trail"
The following images were taken at a gallery in Taos, NM
Artist: Amado Maurilio Pena
Artist at work Artist at work Artist at work
The following images were taken at the Wells Fargo Bank,
Las Cruces, NM
A herd of three A herd of three A herd of three
Route 66 Pony Sky Pony Unknown Theme Pony
An unknown theme An unknown theme An unknown theme
Sky Horse Sky Horse Sky Horse
Route 66 Pony Route 66 Pony Route 66 Pony

Text source extracted from brochure: "The Trail of Painted Ponies".
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