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This index page is a gateway to the many short travels we have undertaken since moving to Las Cruces, New Mexico. These travelogue pages were not compiled so much to inform others, as much as for our own recollection of the trips we have taken. We look forward to re-visiting our trips by viewing these pages often ... not only to enjoy the photo images but the background stories.

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INDEX OF TRIPS (by date taken - last trip listed first)

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  Europe 2001 Odyssey   Europe 2001  
Romania & Ukraine .......... [ August 13 - 29, 2001 ]
Explore the cultural highlights of Romania/Ukraine; visit monasteries & folk museums; visit family ancestral villages of Ukraine.
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  Colfax Ghost Town   Colfax Ghost Town  
Colfax, NM .......... [ June 19, 2001 ]
A "land promoters' ghost". Off a main highway, it did not survive because it was too close to Cimarron. Interesting but small.
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  Dawson Ghost Town   Dawson Ghost Town  
Dawson, NM .......... [ June 19, 2001 ]
A coal mining town, scene of the greatest mine disasters in U.S. history. Closed to public but cemetery is open. Worthwhile.
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  Historic Cimarron, NM   Cimarron, NM  
Cimarron, NM .......... [ June 19, 2001 ]
Not a ghost town but of most importance to history of New Mexico. Take a walking tour of town. At one time, largest land-grant in America.
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  Bandelier National Monument   Bandelier National Monument  
Near Los Alamos, NM .......... [ June 18, 2001 ]
Walk the Tyuonyi Pueblo of Frijoles Canyon and the nearby cliff dwellings of the Anasazi. Climb up to a ceremonial cave. Amazing!
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  Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad   Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad  
Chama, NM .......... [ June 6, 2001 ]
The finest example of narrow gauge railroad in the United States. Travel the high country of New Mexico & Colorado. Majestic views.
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  San Antonio and San Pedro Ghost Towns   San Antonio and San Pedro Ghost Towns  
San Antonio, NM .......... [ May 23, 2001 ]
Two abandoned towns --- one restored and thriving. Tour the San Pedro cemetery, haunting and yet serene.
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  Old Town, Albuquerque, NM   Old Town, Albuquerque, NM  
Albuquerque, NM .......... [ May 23, 2001 ]
Visit the "first neighborhood" of Albuquerque. Stroll through the plaza, visit the galleries and the Albuquerque Museum.
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  Santa Fe, NM   Santa Fe, NM  
Santa Fe, NM .......... [ May 22, 2001 ]
Stroll through the historic district, the cathedral and chapel, the galleries and finally the State Capital. Quite enjoyable ... bring $$$.
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  On the Turquoise Trail   Turquoise Trail, NM  
Turquoise Trail, NM .......... [ May 21, 2001 ]
Explore this trail from Cedar Crest, to Sandia Crest, Golden, Madrid, Cerrillos to Santa Fe. Vist old mining towns ... relive yesterday.
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  Pima Air & Space Museum   Pima Air & Space Museum  
Tucson, AZ .......... [ May 8, 2001 ]
Tour the on-the-field display of aircraft spanning the period 1930s to the present. Awesome!
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  Mission San Xavier del Bac   Mission San Xavier Del Bac  
San Xavier, AZ .......... [ May 7, 2001 ]
Tour the finest example of mission architecture in the United States ... faithfully restored. Breathtaking facade and interior.
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  Saguaro National Park   Saguaro National Park  
Tucson, AZ .......... [ May 6, 2001 ]
The Sonoran desert at it's finest ... saguaros as far as the eye can see ... in bloom ... and majestic. See the Desert Monarchs.
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  Colossal cave   Colossal Cave  
Vail, AZ .......... [ May 6, 2001 ]
Small and intimate ... not as grand as others, but still an enjoyable trip underground.
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  Lipizzaner Stallions World Tour   Lipizzaner Stallions World Tour  
Las Cruces, NM .......... [ January 26, 2001 ]
The Lipizzan is the aristocrat, the royalty, the light and the nimble dancer and the aerialist of the equestrian world. See the show.
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