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This index page is a gateway to the many short travels we have undertaken since moving to Las Cruces, New Mexico. These travelogue pages were not compiled so much to inform others, as much as for our own recollection of the trips we have taken. We look forward to re-visiting our trips by viewing these pages often ... not only to enjoy the photo images but the background stories.

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INDEX OF TRIPS (by date taken - last trip listed first)

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  Europe Discovery 2002 - part 2   Europe Discovery 2002 - part 2  
Romania, Hungary, + .......... [ October 14 - November 14, 2002 ]
Join us on another European sojourn ... tour Transylvania of Romania, historic castles of Budapest (Hungary), Ireland & London
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  Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum   Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum  
Tucson, AZ .......... [ October 2, 2002 ]
An "open air" museum, zoo, and botanic garden. Delightful to explre and learn about the Sonoran desert.
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  Biosphere 2   Biosphere 2  
Oracle, AZ .......... [ October 2, 2002 ]
Earth is Biosphere 1 ... this is a research center simulating Earth for space travel. Educational and entertaining.
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  Old Tucson Studios   Old Tucson Studios  
Tucson, AZ .......... [ October 1, 2002 ]
An Old West theme park that was used as a backdrop for old movies. Interesting but overrated.
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  Sasco Mining Town   Sasco Ghost Town  
Red Rock, AZ .......... [ October 1, 2002 ]
Concrete monoliths are all that remain of this smelter. Visit the cemetery and the Hotel Rockland. Good trip.
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  Holloman Airshow 2002   Holloman Air Show 2002  
Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, NM .......... [ September 22, 2002 ]
Revisit a spectacular ground and aerial display of the superior air power of the United States. See the F-117A Nighthawk stealth aircraft.
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  Discover Alaska   Discovering Alaska  
Princess Cruise & Land Tour .......... [ July 18 - August 2, 2002 ]
Cruise the Alaskan Inner Passage & visit many ports. Tour Mt. McKinley & Denali National Park by helicopter. See wildlife.
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  The American Horse   The American Horse  
Ruidoso, NM .......... [ June 27, 2002 ]
A brief history and pictorial of the American Horse as displayed at the Hubbard Museum of the American West
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  Europe Discovery 2002   Europe Discovery 2002  
Austria, Czech Republic, Poland + .......... [ April 15 - May 23, 2002 ]
Join us on another European sojourn ... discover more historic jewels as we travel to the major capitals of three countries.
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  Mule Ears Peaks   Big Bend National Park  
Texas .......... [ April 5 - 7, 2002 ]
As big as Texas, Big Bend is a hikers paradise. Remote but accessible, view the vistas, canyons and even visit Mexico.
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  ¨Sky Paint¨ - A Painted Pony   The Trail of Painted Ponies  
New Mexico .......... [ February 7, 2002 ]
A new breed of horse ... a state-wide art project depicting New Mexico's historic connection with the pony. Marvelous!
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  Chaco Culture National Historic Park   Chaco Culture National Historic Park  
New Mexico .......... [ January 27, 2002 ]
Deep in a desert valley lies Chaco ... a sacred place to the Indians. Explore Pueblo Bonito from an overlook. Walk among the kivas.
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  Mesa Verde National  Park   Mesa Verde National Park  
Cortez, Colorado .......... [ January 25, 2002 ]
Hidden under mesa cliffs, these "palaces" were homes to "basket weavers" turned "pottery makers". Tour a restored cliff dwelling.
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  Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge RR   Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge RR  
Durango, Colorado .......... [ January 23, 2002 ]
Take a nostalgic ride deep into the mountains. View of the High Line gorge is breathtaking. Winter solitude at its best.
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  Salmon and Aztec Ruins   Salmon Ruins and Aztec Ruins  
Bloomfield - Aztec, New Mexico .......... [ January 21, 2002 ]
Walk the Salmon homestead and see it's ruins. Enter the Great Kiva at Aztec - restored to its sacred glory.
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  Kartchner Caverns State Park   Kartchner Caverns State Park  
Benson, AZ .......... [ January 13, 2002 ]
Explore the newly discovered caverns that are "still alive". Small and intimate, moist and warm, a delight to visit.
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  Sabino canyon Hiking   Sabino Canyon  
Tucson, AZ .......... [ January 12, 2002 ]
Hike the Sabino Canyon from Bear Canyon to the aptly named "Seven Falls". A moderately strenuous hike.
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  Mt. Lemmon Scenic Drive   Mt. Lemmon, the Sky Island  
Tucson, AZ .......... [ January 12, 2002 ]
Drive the Sky Island Scenic Byway up to Mt. Lemmon. View majestic vistas and geologic formations.
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  Kentucky Camp Ghost Town   Kentucky Camp Ghost Town  
Sonoita, AZ .......... [ January 11, 2002 ]
Off the beaten path, a gold mining town undergoing restoration. Isolated but worth the drive.
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  Bisbee Ghost Town   Bisbee Ghost Town  
Bisbee, AZ .......... [ January 12, 2002 ]
Technically not a ghost town. Old but vibrant. A walking-tour kind of town. Take the Queen mine tour.
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  Tombstone Ghost Town   Tombstone Ghost Town  
Tombstone, AZ .......... [ January 11, 2002 ]
Overly hyped, but still there are enough historic remnants to make this visit worthwhile. See Boot Hill.
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  Gleeson Ghost Town   Gleeson Ghost Town  
Gleeson, AZ .......... [ January 11, 2002 ]
Although mostly on private property enough may be seen from the road to enjoy the remnants.
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  Courtland Ghost Town   Courtland Ghost Town  
Courtland, AZ .......... [ January 11, 2002 ]
Not much left but a few foundations, the jail and store. Isolated but worth walking about.
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  Pearce Ghost Town   Pearce Ghost Town  
Pearce, AZ .......... [ January 11, 2002 ]
The main attraction is the Mercantile Store still standing. Mostly deserted but picturesque.
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  Steins Railroad Ghost Town   Steins Railroad Ghost Town  
Steins, NM .......... [ January 11, 2002 ]
Wonderfully preserved abandoned railroad town. Many building and artifacts. Off the Interstate.
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