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This index page is a gateway to the many short travels we have undertaken since moving to Las Cruces, New Mexico. These travelogue pages were not compiled so much to inform others, as much as for our own recollection of the trips we have taken. We look forward to re-visiting our trips by viewing these pages often ... not only to enjoy the photo images but the background stories.

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  Jemez Mountain Trail   Jemez Mountain Trail (Scenic Byway)  
Sandoval County, New Mexico .......... [ May 31, 2011 ]
One of New Mexico's premier scenic byways with tunnels, dams, overlooks, monuments and the prestigious Valles Caldera Preserve. Not to be missed.
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  2011 Mesilla Valley Balloon Rally   2011 Mesilla Valley Balloon Rally  
Las Cruces, New Mexico .......... [ January 15, 2011 ]
An annual event ... a spectacle for young and old. The skies turn "Technicolor" over the city and valley. See images and a full 15-minute video of all the action.
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